Worry Free Ownership – That’s What Makes Platinum auto sales  the Right Way to Go!

Platinum Auto Sales wants you to have a great experience throughout the ownership of your vehicle. We all know that all vehicles need maintenance and they will break down given enough time and use.  In many cases you are purchasing a vehicle that has thousands of miles on it. So, with that in mind, Platinum auto sales hires local, licensed, independent service shops to inspect all of our vehicles before we make them available for sale.

You may click here to see the safety inspection that each of these shops will complete for Platinum Auto Sales. Many of these items are “wear” items so it’s important to understand we don’t mean to imply that every part will be replaced or new. However, you can be assured that if the item does not pass their safety standard, it will definitely be repaired or replaced so you can drive your new vehicle with confidence that it is road-worthy and safe!

After the vehicle has been inspected, it qualifies for a warranty. Platinum Auto Sales offers 30 day or 1,000 miles limited warranty. Our customers also have the option of purchasing other extended warranties offered on every one of our vehicles. Some of these warranties are term extensions for a longer power train warranty and others include much more comprehensive coverage – many times all the way up to coverage just like the initial factory warranty! While Platinum auto sales has chosen to NOT provide rental cars due to the liability; most all of the warranty coverages that we offer even include Rental Coverage for a covered repair as well as Roadside Assistance! Be sure to ask your Sales Consultant for all the details.

Most cars sold at PLATINUM AUTO SALES are eligible for our 30 day or 1,000 miles limited warranty*. Our warranty program is a 50/50 limited warranty covering parts and labor, engine, transmission and internal parts only. Air Conditioning parts are included in our limited warranty. A 50/50 limited warranty means that Platinum Auto Sales pays for 50% of what is covered and the owner pays the other half. All work must be completed by Platinum Auto Sales. For more information on our warranty, please call 757-553-6746

* Note – If customer purchases one of the optional extended warranties with better/longer coverage; Platinum auto sales does not offer limited powertrain warranty so as not to double-cover a vehicle.

Systems covered by limited 50/50 warranty:

A. ENGINE Gas/Diesel: Cylinder block, cylinder head(s), intake and exhaust manifolds and all internally lubricated parts, camshaft, cam bearings, push rods, rocker arms, connecting rods, pistons, piston rings, wrist pins, hydraulic valve lifters, timing chain and gears, crankshaft, main bearings and oil pump.
B. SINGLE TURBO & SUPERCHARGER (OEM) and their Internal components.
C. AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION: All internally lubricated parts including pump, pump housing, carrier assembly, planetary gears, drums, valve body, reaction shaft, governor, servo assembly, torque converter and transmission housing (excluding electronics).
D. MANUAL TRANSMISSION: All internally lubricated parts, main shaft, counter shaft, input shaft, synchronizers, gears, shift fork and bearings. (Manual clutch and related components are not covered).
E. DRIVE/AXLE ASSEMBLY : (Front & Rear) All internally lubricated parts within the drive axle housing, universal joints, constant velocity joints (if boots are not torn), drive shaft, yokes and carrier bearings.
F. REAR DIFFERENTIAL: All internally lubricated parts, drive shaft, universal joints, ring and pinion gears, pinion bearings, thrust washers, side carrier bearings and carrier assembly. Drive axle housing is covered only if damage is caused by the failure of a covered component.
G. AIR CONDITIONING: (OEM) Compressor, compressor clutch and compressor pulley.
H. COOLING SYSTEM : Water pump, water pump housing, fan and fan clutch.
I. FLUIDS & FILTERS : Are only covered in conjunction with the failure of a covered component.
J. LABOR: Labor time required to repair or replace covered components shall be based on national mechanical labor estimating guidelines.
K. ROADSIDE ASSISTANSE; TOWING: NOT included on all Agreements
In the event of a mechanical breakdown Call: 757-553-6746
any part not listed is not covered